Rien Poortvliet

About Rien Poortvliet

Those who love nature are fond of the work of Rien Poortvliet. He gladly stepped into nature and then started painting all that beautiful in his studio. Many of his paintings are about hunting, farm life and animals in all shapes and sizes. Rien Poortvliet was an outman, Hunter and painter. He understood as no other the art of bringing you into contact with the beauty and peculiarity of life on Earth. He saw himself as a cartoative storyteller. His drawings tell the story for the most part, at most with a small title or inscription. Its complete portfolio can be called at least impressive. He summarized everything together in realistic drawings that immediately showed his love for nature.

He could also move like no other in situations that have occurred earlier. That is good to see in his well-known and beloved book along the garden path of my fathers.

In Hunting drawings , the love of the hunter has been shaped for the wild in a splendid way. And the Foxes have caves is a beautiful and instructive book by Rien Poortvliet about doing and letting the wild in our country.

In hay and Grass , Rien Poortvliet looks back on the traditional farm and rural life with nostalgia. A book about farmers, farms, livestock and much more. Beautiful drawings that are now used on a splendid tableware.

Other books that were widely known are Braaf, the brieching horse and the heel on the branch.

And then of course there are the gnomes! Together with Wil Huygen he made two very popular gnome books The life and works of the Gnome and the call of Gnomes, the first of which was 61st print. With the GNOME Series Poortvliet acquired international fame.